Our history

Genium High School is a Brazilian company with four years of activity, which seeks to offer a high-quality High School Program that is recognized by the greatest and most important American institutions to schools throughout Brazil. We work with reliable and committed suppliers and our team always has the students’ best interests in mind.


To offer the students of Brazilian K-12 Education Schools the opportunity to obtain, at the conclusion of the Brazilian High School, proficiency in English and an American High School diploma without leaving the country, via Internet, propitiating the possibility for the students to live an international educational experience, flexibly in regard to place, date and study times, with high and recognized academic quality, with appropriate help and support customized to the students, their families and partner schools, in order to broaden the knowledge and the personal and professional opportunities of all parties involved.


  • Belief in the potential and human capacity of overcoming challenges and fulfilling dreams
  • Belief in the transformative power of education
  • Enthusiasm and optimism
  • High quality of education, offered in a flexible fashion and personalized to each student
  • Effective, committed, pleasant and dedicated service
  • Correct action, always in an ethical, responsible, professional and competent way
  • Transparent, sincere and respectful relationships with dedication and team spirit
  • Efficient management
  • The establishment of outstanding long-term partnerships, consistently supporting those who are in tune with the mission and values of the Genium High School.